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Re: Recommendation for satellite cross yagi antennas

At 02:41 PM 5/8/2005 -0500, Gary Mayfield wrote:
>    If you need to sweeten the pot ask him if you could promise the sale of 
>two antennas would help persuade him.  Also lean for the machined clamp to 
>boom design, not the element through the boom design.  I'm fond of antennas 
>that look like a short circuit at DC.  I was planning on getting the 5x5 
>after returning from Dayton, but this sounds interesting.
>     On the other hand the 5x5 is probably enough.  The 8 foot boom should 
>only be down 3 dB from a 16 footer.


I had a 5x5 2m Cushcraft on AO-10 and found it inadequate, so I will not
invest in what I consider an inadequate antenna.  If the 7x7 is simply an
x-yagi, then I may make my own phasing harness for CP (perhaps with
switching from RH to LH).  I am certainly not investing $175 for a T/R
switch and some cables.  I have not decided on buying an antenna, yet.

If I do contact Gulf Alpha I will report that there were others interested
in a 10x10 CP antenna.

I have an offer for a 22CP KLM antenna so may go with that or the M2
2mCP22.  No hurry here :-)

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