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Re: FD operations and points

On Sunday 08 May 2005 15:05, Greg Wycoff wrote:
> Maybe ARRL needs to change the 100 bonus points to apply for SSB
> satellite's only. Field Day should not be about points but whether or not
> one can set up a station to help out in a time of need. working a FM
> satellite on field day should be used only as a demo, not points.
> 73
> Greg N0ZHE

Hmmm.  Think about that a little.  Most hams don't do any satellite
stuff at all, do they?  Seems to me that even some FM work on the
birds will expose other hams in FD situations to it, which might make
for more activity.

But the more important reason to keep allowing FM activity is the
possibility of showing the public "neat" things you can do with
ham radio.  Satellites are one of the things that can still capture
the imagination--anything that can be done to make it easier to
show people this is a good thing, in my book.

So I would argue that altering FD in this case is not a good idea.

--STeve Andre'
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