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Re: Recommendation for satellite cross yagi antennas

At 10:50 AM 5/8/2005 -0500, George Henry wrote:
>Try the Gulf Alpha satellite antennas... (www.gulfalphaantennas.com) 
>HANDMADE, with quality you have to see to believe!  And I believe that they 
>are less expensive than the M2 antennas.  I bought a pair last year in time 
>for Field Day, and worked everything I tried.  Now if only I can get these 
>covenant restrictions overturned so that I can put them up at home...
>George, KA3HSW


I am considering adding a new 2m satellite antenna to my satellite array
(temporarly using my 3-elem Arrow).  I looked at the Gulf Alpha 7x7 element
144-MHz antenna and noted that it appears to include polarity switching.  I
see nothing to suggest that is an option but wonder if that is included in
the $169 price?  I'm not sure if it is quite large enough for good HEO
performance but the size is nice (under 8-foot boom).  I have many M2
antennas (the 436CP42 for 435-MHz, for instance) so quite familiar what
their antennas can deliver.  The M2 2mCP22 is a bit more expensive though.
What can you tell me about the 7x7 antenna?

Perhaps I could convince them to make a 10x10 for me.  That is closer to
what I would want.


Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
BP40iq,  Nikiski, AK      http://www.qsl.net/al7eb
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