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Re: FD operation

Hello group,

Unfortunately I'm one of the "idiots" who helps make the schedule for AO-51. Since we receive practically no suggestions via the ao51-modes@amsat.org address, myself and the other members of the group have to do what we can to present a balanced schedule. I think it would be a shame to lock AO-51 in one single mode and never experiment with the different combinations, therefore we try to make sure everyone's favorite mode gets a little time each month.

>Depending of the outcome of the SSB voice relay, I would prefer to see
>V/U with SSB input so you can hear everyone at once so you can hear
>how bad it is.  I would definitely be recording that but I guess the
>mode has been already desided. Last year SO-50 had maybe 1 successful
>contact per pass.

This is the first time we will run the SSB/FM test. The mode for field day has to be decided well in advance so it can be published here, and in QST and the other magazines. One of the primary reasons we went with V/S is the total chaos that has been the norm the past years on the V/U FM satellites. I live in the very southeastern part of this country with mostly water on 3 sides, and have never made a contact on Field Day on SO-50, AO-27, or UO-14. It's nearly impossible. My opinion is that it is better to have 100 well prepared stations be successful and make a contact on AO-51, than have 2000 frustrated first time users walk away with a bad taste in their mouth from satellites. Additionally mode V/S on AO-51 presents something different to the operator. We have 2 other V/U FM birds that will be active on Field Day, so S-band may be just different enough to attract some people who would avoid using the other sats. The amateur service is about experimentation....

If you follow the AMSAT FD rules, the worst thing that can happen by 51 being in V/S is that you loose 1 QSO. The best is that you make 1 QSO that you likely would not have made on V/U FM.

>V/S for Dayton, and V/S for FD.  What's the obsession for this mode? 
>I realize that the next sat for ham service will be using this mode
>exclusively.  Is this why?

There is no "obsession", just utilization of a unique resource until SSETI is launched. I'm heading up the team for the Dayton demonstrations and requested that mode for that weekend. My Dayton team will be doing V/U FM demos on both SO-50 and AO-27 that weekend, so again V/S provides something different and will maybe appeal to and entice hams to join and support AMSAT that aren't interested in just V/U operations. And you are also correct that it is partially in light of SSETI and a contingent from AMSAT-UK being in Dayton to present on the SSETI project.

73, Drew KO4MA
AO-51 Operations Group
Dayton Demonstration Dude
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