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Re: Echo on FD

My satellite station never fails to draw a crowd at Field Day...  we set up 
in a public park, and when people see those antennas pointing up in the sky 
and moving, they always want to know who I am talking to, and how.  And when 
I announced on the site net that I had worked the ISS in 2001, there were so 
many people trying to crowd into my tent that I thought they were going to 
knock it down!

George, KA3HSW

----- Original Message ----- 
From: "Mark L. Hammond" <mlhammond@charter.net>
> I plan to set up a portable V/U/S satellite station at our Field Day site. 
> I guarantee you that it will get lots of attention when I work AO-51 off a 
> G3RUH patch on 2.4 GHz!
> 73,
> Mark N8MH 
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