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FD operation

Having been the person responsible for the satellite station at the K4CQ 
field day site for the past 10 years or so I would like to add a word about 
the AO-51 mode suggestion for field day. In the past it has been nearly 
impossible to use the LEO satellites as the transponders
have been swamped with signals. I have used the HEO satellites almost 
completely for field day. This past year it was nice to have AO-07 to 
operate as it came up in mode V/a mostly and there were not many ops using 
it. I would be the last to say that anything should be done to prevent 
anyone from working AO-51 for field day or at anytime for that matter. 
Having said that I do think that having the bird in this mode will allow 
for those that wish to make the effort as the few did last year on AO-07 
mode V/a to get there one contact in without adding to the congestion on 
the other LEO birds. I see nothing wrong with it being made available to 
those that wont to make the effort to work it.

Let the fun begin. 73's << John
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