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HAMSAT 1640Z pass, Sat 7th

Well, that was a lot of fun! Good signals down here in Arizona, and 
thanks to KB2YCC for the first contact.
That was my first try at the birds since AO40 died; I have absolutely no 
interest in the digital or FM sats and have never got round to trying 
FO29 or the resurrected AO7. I have, however, been on most of the analog 
birds since the AO6 days in the 70's.
I really have to do some antenna work! I was using my tropo antennas, a 
HB 19ele on 435 and a M^2 19xxx on a separate tower for 145. No 
elevation, but it was a very low pass. I was using a FT817 @ 5w on Tx, 
so that was two radios to tune and two rotors to adjust with very narrow 
beams. Quite a struggle, but it worked out. I need to find out how small 
an antenna I can get away with so the pointing requirements are 
minimised. I have an AZ/EL mount I used on AO40, I'll have to see if it 
can track fast enough.
Thanks to Will and the Indian group for a job very well done, it's 
certainly re-kindled my interest!
73 Alf NU8I
Scottsdale AZ DM43an
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