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HAMSAT orbits 23 -24 and 25

Hi, All

The indian transponder of HAMSAT sound fantastic showing good linearity
and SSB quality.

Considering that the spacecraft is not completely damped and magnetically
stabilized at this time the QSB is insignificant and only detectable at AOS
and LOS for a very short time.

While switching the sense of polarity of a 2 meters antenna 2M-22C the best
polarizazion on downlink during the whole orbits 23 and 24 was the RHCP
but during the whole ascending orbit 25 the best sense for receiving was 
definitely LHCP 

I cannot say for the uplink because I use a 10 turns RHCP helix antenna
but considering that only 5 to 10 watt are necessary for a good return of
the signal than the RHCP for the uplink should be the right polarization.

The carrier of the beacon was regularly received on 145.941 MHz  beginning
from AOS

The passband was full of european traffic and heavy loaded by one station
trying to hear his return sweeping up and down the uplink frequency with
high power without success because of poor receiving system capability.

Made QSO with IT9TWC - IZ2EER - F6HTJ - IT9GSV  and a long chat
with IW1HTU both using manual tracking and manual doppler compensation
leaving fixed the downlink frequency and moving the uplink frequency
while speaking.

Not heard CW signals during orbits 23 and 24.........is CW an endangered
species over Europe ?

As expected no FM activity over a linear transponder was heard over

Best 73" de

i8CVS Domenico
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