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A signal observed at 145.943-145.950 MHz

I observed a signal using Hamscope moving up in frequency from 145.943 Mhz @ 
1745 Z  to my NW
The signal constantly moved up in frequency  to 145.948@ 1750  to 145.950 @ 

I followed this signal to the SSW during the observed time and would lose it 
if I turned the antenna 15 degrees off.

This was later than the HAMSATA and otherHAMSAT keps prediction.  I have not 
changed to the HAMSAT A/B/C keps.

The signal was quiet, with no audible tone, I just saw it moving at a 
constant rate across the Hamscope display.

Since Hamsat went across India during the previous 45 minutes, I anticipated 
that I might see something during this eastern US pass.
I did see something, but certainly no confirmation of what it was
I would encourage those to the west of TN to check the next pass using a 
signal display program and see if they observe any
similiar activity.

Not sure about why it moved up in frequency.

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