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Re: AO-51 Control Team News

Well, I have to say that it was VERY convenient for us users to be
able to look very quickly at the main AMSAT page to see what mode
the bird is in.  As it stands now I have to go through three pages
just to see what it is in and read through all the different modes
that are coming up to find out what to expect.  I really liked the
table of which I could easily see what was mode the bird was in and
the forecast of the modes that the bird would be in.  I'd really
like to see the return of the table.


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> >I bet there is a reason too. Why can't we know? I did the send the
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> Hi All,
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ml, I believe
that the grid was originally Emily's idea, I do not know how involved
command team was to start with on the whole grid thing.

 Now Emily's last note ...  labeled "Control team news"
http://www.amsat.org/amsat/archive/amsat-bb/100day/msg48784.html was
from the control team but from Emily, the wording was somewhat odd...

"Please do not email me about this change - this was a decision made
apparently by the AO-51 control team."

apparently???   either the control team requested it be dropped or
My guess is this a internal tiff that has gone public....


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