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Re: [fieldops] Correction: AMSAT at 2005 Dayton Hamvention (Volunteers Needed)

  Another correction. I talked to Chuck, N1UC on Monday and he said that AO-27
will be back on the air shortly, definitely in time for Dayton...

73 Jeff kb2m
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  From: Barry Baines
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  Sent: Thursday, May 05, 2005 3:13 AM
  Subject: [fieldops] Correction: AMSAT at 2005 Dayton Hamvention (Volunteers

  After releasing this memo, it was brought to my attention that there is typo
regarding the drawing for the Membership Prize Raffle.  The drawing will take
place on Sunday, May 22 (not May 16).  The corrected date is incorporated

  My apologies for the error.


  On May 5, 2005, at 1:00 AM, Barry Baines wrote:

    5.Satellite Demonstrations
    Drew Glasbrenner, K04MA and his team will be conducting satellite
demonstrations during Hamvention.  The schedule of satellite passes for the
demos will be available at the booth.

    Satellite demos are planned for the following periods using FO-29, SO-50,
and AO51:

    Friday 0945-1025 (FO-29, SO-50)
    Friday 1125-1205 ((AO-51, FO-29, SO-50)
    Friday 1300-1315 (AO-51)

    Saturday 1035-1100 (FO-29, SO-50, AO-51)
    Saturday 1220-1240 (FO-29, AO-51)

    Sunday 0925-1000 (SO-50, FO-29)
    Sunday 1105-1205 (SO-50, FO-29, AO-51)

    All times shown are local (EDT).

    Note:  AO-51 is expected to be in V/S Mode (2 meter uplink/S-Band
downlink) during Hamvention.

    In the event that HAMsat (aka VUsat) is operational by Dayton, additional
demonstrations will be scheduled on that satellite as well.  HAMsat is
currently scheduled to be launched on 5 MAY 05 from  India's Sriharikota
Launch Facility around 10:35 IST.  Check AMSAT News Service (ANS) for

    Individuals wishing to see these satellite demonstrations are invited to
meet at the booth ten minutes prior to the start time of each demo.   The
demos will be conducted outside the 'BALLARENA' entrance  (door #1) which is
the entrance nearest the AMSAT booth..
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