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HAMSAT launch was 100% successfull

Hi AMSATs around the world,

I am just back from a 2.5hr drive from Shriharikota
launch place.

There I witness the launch of the PSLV-C6 with with
the naked-eye at 5km distance and the launch went
successfull for all 100% :o)

All four rocket stages ignited and seperated as
planned, and without any deviation from the predicted
plan. It was very interresting to see how my radio
finally went into space. It is the best hamradio
experience I ever done in my life.

The latest news I have is that the onboard computer
showed that the batteries and solar panels work
normal. HAMSAT is spinning at 1.5RPM and will be
increased to 4RPM. When this is done the main
transponder will be switched on, and a few days later
the Dutch transponder will be switched on.

We just are a few days away from "CQ CQ HAMSAT" qso's.

When HAMSAT is released for ham use, the ISRO will
open a webpage and publish the actual data and
This will be known to the world...

Tommorrow morning I leave to Bangalore where is the
ISRO groundstation. There I will wait to hear the
first signals from my radio... 

I hope HAMSAT will work okay and for long time, so it
can be in service for the world-wide ham community.
I am looking forward to any report from you...

William Leijenaar
PE1RAH ,with my radio in space now :o)

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