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Correction: AMSAT at 2005 Dayton Hamvention (Volunteers Needed)

After releasing this memo, it was brought to my attention that there
is typo regarding the drawing for the Membership Prize Raffle.  The
drawing will take place on Sunday, May 22 (not May 16).  The
corrected date is incorporated below.

My apologies for the error.


On May 5, 2005, at 1:00 AM, Barry Baines wrote:

> The 2005 Dayton Hamvention is quickly approaching (May 20-22).
> Basic information on AMSAT's activities at Hamvention can be found
> on the AMSAT web-page (www.amsat.org/amsat-new/articles/
> Dayton2005).  This memo addresses booth activities and provides an
> overview of how you can help make Hamvention a successful weekend
> for AMSAT.  Dayton is a three-day ‘marathon’ with an immense amount
> of activity.   The 2005 edition is looking to be an exciting
> weekend with pre-registration activities suggesting that this
> year's Hamvention may see a bump in attendance.   Dayton is also
> the site of the 2005 ARRL National Convention which has also
> generated interest.
> For those planning to use GPS to Hamvention, Hara Arena’s location
> in degrees/decimal minutes is:
> N 39 49.223
> W 84 15.335
> I. AMSAT Booth Activities
> AMSAT will be in the same booth location as previous years: Booth
> spaces 445-448. Our focus this year is on membership and
> highlighting our future direction.  We expect to have a very busy
> booth this year with a variety of updated and new items:
> a. Two new golf shirt designs, a new  t-shirt, and new hats will be
> available this year.  Come see the latest in satellite fashions!
> b. An updated laminated AMSAT Frequency Guide (thanks to N1JEZ)
> with the latest satellite information.
> c. An updated “Amateur Satellite Resource Guide” (thanks to N1JEZ)
> will be available at the booth and provided to new members.
> d. The latest edition of "AO-51 Development, Operation, and
> Specifications" (printed in color and spiral bound), released in
> January 2005  by WA4SXM will be available.
> e.  A newly revised "Getting Stated in Amateur Satellites"
> publication will be available at Dayton.
> f.  An expanded  "Digital Satellite  and Telemetry Guide" by WA4SXM
> will be released at Dayton.
> g.  Once again, AMSAT expects to offer the ‘Arrow Antenna” at the
> booth this year.
> Please note that AMSAT expects to handle this antenna at Hamvention
> ONLY and will not necessarily be available from AMSAT following
> Hamvention. This is the antenna that many individuals are using to
> work the LEO FM satellites utilizing their dual-band HT’s.
> h.  AMSAT will be distributing MacDoppler Pro from Dog Park
> Software.  This is the premier satellite tracking program for the
> Macintosh platform and will be available with an AMSAT member
> discount.
> i.  AMSAT will be distributing NOVA at Hamvention this year while
> Northern Lights Software will not be present.  Software is on CD-
> ROM.  SATPC32, SCRAP, and Instant Trak will also be available.
> j. All of the current AMSAT publications will be available.
> k. New AMSAT trinkets (AMSAT pens , refrigerator magnets, and tote
> bags) will be offered for the first time.
> l. As in the past, software demonstrations will be conducted at the
> booth.
> m.  Drew Glasbrenner, KO4MA and a team of volunteers will be
> conducting satellite demonstrations.
> n.  Information on the 2005 AMSAT Symposium and General Meeting to
> be held 7-9 OCT in Lafayette, LA will be avaialble.
> Commercial hours on Friday are 0900-1800.    The commercial hours
> on Saturday are 0800-1700 and 0800-1300 on Sunday.  Overall, the
> AMSAT booth will be open for 23 hours over the weekend.
> Former Astronaut  Dr. Tony England, W0ORE will be at the AMSAT
> booth from 1100-1200 on Friday.  Dr. England flew onboard the Space
> Shuttle  Challenger in 1985 and was the second astronaut to use
> amateur radio while in space.  This is a great opportunity to 'talk
> space' with a NASA space veteran and gain some insight into how
> amateur radio's presence in space can encourage young people to
> consider a career in math and the sciences.  Given the return to
> flight of the Shuttle this summer (now scheduled for July)  and the
> continuing developments surrounding the Moon/Mars initiative, it
> should be a wonderful time to 'talk shop' at the AMSAT booth.  Tony
> will also be attending the Friday night AMSAT dinner at the Amber
> Rose and will be our after dinner  speaker (noted below).
> AMSAT-NA President Rick Hambly, W2GPS will be available at the
> AMSAT booth over much of the weekend to meet with AMSAT members.
> He is holding official 'office hours' from 1400-1500 Friday,
> 1400-1500 Saturday, and 0900-1000 on Sunday morning as he has
> committed to being at the booth during those hours.  If you'd like
> to talk to the AMSAT President about something that is on your
> mind, this would be an excellent opportunity to meet with him.
> II. Hamvention Volunteers
> Setup of the AMSAT booth will take place on Thursday, 19 MAY.  If
> you will be in Dayton during daylight on Thursday and can assist
> with setup, please contact me (wd4asw@amsat.org) so that we can
> coordinate your participation.   The Setup Team will meet in the
> lobby of the Hampton Inn, 2550 Parmouint Place, Fairborn, OH at
> 0830 Thursday morning before proceeding to the Arena.  If you will
> be arriving in Dayton later in the day, we can make arrangements
> for your entry to assist.  Don’t forget to bring proper
> identification.
> We need AMSAT members to volunteer for a ‘tour of duty’ during a
> portion of the Hamvention. Volunteers will help handle the myriad
> of activities that typically occur at an AMSAT booth-handle
> transaction, deal with memberships and renewals, answer questions,
> and serve as a representative of AMSAT.  Prior experience in
> representing AMSAT at (any) hamfests is helpful but not required.
> Please let me know if you can give us a hand during the Hamvention.
> Send me an e-mail (wd4asw@amsat.org) and include the following:
> 1.  What hours are you willing to volunteer during each day that
> the commercial exhibits are open?  The commercial exhibits are open
> Friday 0900-1800, Saturday 0800-1700, and Sunday 0800-1300. Please
> volunteer for one-hour periods or multiples thereof.  If you can
> help at various times during the Hamvention, please provide a
> prioritization as to which specified periods are best for you.
> 2.  Include your name, callsign, and e-mail address in your message.
> 3.  Indicate any special skills that would be helpful, such as
> familiarity with specific products available through AMSAT,
> particularly software such as  MacDoppler, SCRAP, SATPC32 and NOVA.
> While we are looking for volunteers to help with the ‘crush’ of
> normal exhibitor activities, it would be helpful to know who can
> assist in software demonstrations or answer particular questions
> about various aspects of our hobby during a particular shift.
> 4.  If you have already sent me an e-mail offering to volunteer,
> please respond by e-mail to this request as well by specifying the
> times that you are available to work.
> If you can volunteer to assist, please let me know by Tuesday, May
> 10.  I intend to provide a tentative work schedule no later than
> Sunday evening, May 15 to those who have indicated a willingness to
> help. Please stop by the AMSAT booth when you arrive at the
> Hamvention to confirm your schedule or to change your work
> assignment if necessary.
> As noted above, setup of the booth will take place on Thursday.  If
> you are available to help with booth setup please let me know.
> III. AMSAT Membership Drive
> AMSAT will once again offer a ‘membership incentive’ at Hamvention
> in order to encourage new members to join and have current members
> renew during the Dayton Hamvention.     The membership theme is
> “AMSAT:  We ARE Rocket Scientists.”  To encourage membership, we
> will offer a membership prize raffle once again.  This year's
> drawing will feature a SSB UEK-3000 2.4 GHz downconverter with the
> winner specifying which IF (2 meters or 435 MHz) the downconverter
> will feature.
> For an individual to be eligible for the prize drawing, the
> following criteria must be met:
> a.  An individual must cover the cost of a membership to AMSAT-NA.
> Annual basic cost of US membership is $39.00 while cost to
> personnel residing in Canada or Mexico is $45.00 and memberships
> for all others is $50.00.
> b.  Both new memberships and renewals of existing memberships at
> the suitable level are eligible for the drawing.
> c.  New membership/renewals must be done at the AMSAT booth at
> Dayton Hamvention.
> d. Only one membership per individual will qualify.  This means an
> individual who elects for a multi-year membership receives one
> chance just as an individual who selects a one year membership.
> e. Individuals who currently hold a Life Membership may elect to
> donate to AMSAT the equivalent of one year’s membership ($39.00 US).
> In addition, AMSAT will continue to offer memberships at various
> ‘premium levels’, which qualifies individuals to receive various
> incentives. For example, the newly updated laminated AMSAT
> Frequency Chart will be given to those who pay the basic membership
> fee while SAT PC-32 will be offered to those who pay at the “QRO
> 75” level ($75.00 in US, $81.00 in Canada/Mexico, and $85.00
> elsewhere).  Again, each new member or renewal will qualify the new/
> renewing member for this drawing.
> The drawing for the SSB UEK-3000 downconverter will be done at the
> AMSAT booth at 1200 on Sunday, May 22.  The winner does not have to
> be present to win and AMSAT will cover the cost of shipping the
> equipment to the member’s address as shown on the membership
> form.   If the winner is present at the drawing, the individual may
> take the equipment home directly (and save AMSAT the shipping
> costs).  While some may regret that we could not include renewals
> outside of Dayton, the logistics of such an option makes it
> impractical to extend the program beyond Dayton.  Keep in mind that
> the primary purpose of this incentive is to encourage new
> memberships from those who attend our Hamvention Forums and visit
> the AMSAT booth where they can meet members, obtain information,
> and be encouraged to join our hobby.
> The March-April 2005 issue of the AMSAT Journal (currently being
> mailed to AMSAT members) includes an announcement that effective
> June 1, 2005 AMSAT membership dues will increase to $44.00/year for
> regular membership (with commensurate increases for the other
> membership categories).  The Dayton Hamvention presents an
> excellent opportunity to renew prior to the membership dues increase.
> IV.  Other AMSAT Activities
> 1.  AMSAT members who are in Dayton on Thursday evening, 19 MAY,
> are invited to attend Fourth Annual Pizza’n’Suds get together at
> Marion’s Pizza in Beavercreek starting at 1830.  Details are
> available on the AMSAT web site (www.amsat.org) under Dayton
> Hamvention.  Contact Dave Misek,, N8NPX at n8npx@arrl.net for more
> information and to let Dave know how many people will be in your
> group.   Directions to the restaurant are available on the AMSAT
> Website (www.amsat.org/amsat-new/articles/Dayton2005).
> 2.    Don’t forget the AMSAT dinner on Friday evening, 20 MAY, at
> the Amber Rose Restaurant in old North Dayton, which is the same
> location that we’ve used for the past nine years. Doors open at
> 1800 (happy hour) with dinner served at 1930.  Cost including tax
> and tip (but not including cash bar) is $27.00.  Former Astronaut
> Dr. Tony England, W0ORE will be our after dinner speaker.
> Reservations are required.  Contact Nancy Makley,
> kc8gyw@amsat.org.  Confirmations will be sent via e-mail.
> Directions to the restaurant will be available at the AMSAT booth.
> For GPS/APRS users, the restaurant’s location in degrees/decimal
> minutes is:
> N 39 46.915
> W 084 9.557
> Maidenhead Grid Square EM79ws
> 3.  This year the AMSAT contingent will be staying at the same
> hotel that we used in 2004: Hampton Inn, 2550 Paramount Place,
> Fairborn, OH 45324 (tel. 937-429-5505).  AMSAT’s block of rooms are
> already booked, but you can try contacting the hotel to see if
> there any rooms available over Hamvention weekend.
> 4.    The AMSAT Forum is scheduled on Saturday from 0815-0945 in
> Forum Room 1.   The following presentations are scheduled:
> Barry BAINES, WD4ASW  Forum Moderator
> -Rick Hambly, W2GPS    "AMSAT's Vision and Mission"
> -Jim Sanford, WB4GCS   "Eagle Project Update"
> -Sam Jewell, G4DDK  "An Update on SSETI Express Student/AMSAT-UK
> Satellite"
> -Frank Bauer, KA3HDO   "ARISS Upate"
> 5.Satellite Demonstrations
> Drew Glasbrenner, K04MA and his team will be conducting satellite
> demonstrations during Hamvention.  The schedule of satellite passes
> for the demos will be available at the booth.
> Satellite demos are planned for the following periods using FO-29,
> SO-50, and AO51:
> Friday 0945-1025 (FO-29, SO-50)
> Friday 1125-1205 ((AO-51, FO-29, SO-50)
> Friday 1300-1315 (AO-51)
> Saturday 1035-1100 (FO-29, SO-50, AO-51)
> Saturday 1220-1240 (FO-29, AO-51)
> Sunday 0925-1000 (SO-50, FO-29)
> Sunday 1105-1205 (SO-50, FO-29, AO-51)
> All times shown are local (EDT).
> Note:  AO-51 is expected to be in V/S Mode (2 meter uplink/S-Band
> downlink) during Hamvention.
> In the event that HAMsat (aka VUsat) is operational by Dayton,
> additional demonstrations will be scheduled on that satellite as
> well.  HAMsat is currently scheduled to be launched on 5 MAY 05
> from  India's Sriharikota Launch Facility around 10:35 IST.  Check
> AMSAT News Service (ANS) for updates.
> Individuals wishing to see these satellite demonstrations are
> invited to meet at the booth ten minutes prior to the start time of
> each demo.   The demos will be conducted outside the 'BALLARENA'
> entrance  (door #1) which is the entrance nearest the AMSAT booth..
> VI.  Summary
> AMSAT will once again offer a strong presence at Dayton this year,
> with particular emphasis placed on our activities at the AMSAT
> booth, Forum, and satellite demonstrations.  There are also plenty
> of opportunities to socialize (meet new friends and greet old
> ones), get the latest information on satellite activities, and
> encourage newcomers to come on board.
> Dayton is a unique opportunity to represent AMSAT to an extremely
> large number of people. If at all possible, please consider giving
> us a hand during this event.  If you will be attending Hamvention
> this year and are unable to help out, please stop by the AMSAT
> booth and say ‘hello’ and take advantage of what AMSAT has to offer
> at Dayton this year.
> '73
> Barry A. Baines
> VP-Marketing & User Services
> E-mail: wd4asw@amsat.org
> phone: 704-788-8032 (home)
> 704-788-8042 (home-fax)
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