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PCSat2 Telemetry Display

Hi Guys,

A few weeks ago Bob put out a request for a telemetry display page for 

If you would care to take a look at:


and click on the 'Real Time' button you'll find my development page.

The top section is currently static but the bottom section is updated 
every 5 seconds
(for testing)

It's being fed  by a Telemetry Simulator. It will eventually be fed from 
the cluster of telemetry servers
which are being set up and will take data from dedicated volunteer 
ground stations( details on the splash
screen, thanks Bob ).

In the top RH corner you'll see the sub-sat point being display in truly 
real time, thanks to John Magliacane's
'C' SGP4 implementation ported to Java.

As a result of this development I'm also going to do one for PCSAT too.

For those who are interested...

Apache / Tomcat / JBoss /  J2EE /  Linux

This development is being done under the auspices of AMSAT-UK

- Dave G4DPZ
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