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Re: Tower height

>> The need to "clear" the trees is overated.
> ....... I have worked AO-51, FO-29, and 
> SO-29 ...  When the leaves are down 
> I can go thru at angles as low as 8 degrees...
> [With leaves,] my angles increase to 25-30 degrees...

Like anything else. "worked" is a relative term.
If you cannot work satellites below 10 deg, then
you are missing 30% of all LEO satellite access times.
If you cannot work satellites below 20 deg, then
you are missing 66% of all satellite in-view times.

So sure, you can "work" the satellites a few times
a day just fine while being blocked by leaves and
trees at low elevations, but again, your opportunties 
are much less than for the person that can see the 

Nothing wrong with that limitation, just that there is 
a tradeoff...  Also, when the satellites are above
30 deg, they are at least 10 dB closer and stronger
so you can even work them through the leaves.
Just recognize that you will be getting only 1/3rd
the operating time as others with a clear horizon...

de Wb4APR, Bob
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