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Re: Tower height

I agree. I have worked AO-51, FO-29, and SO-29 from an antenna array about 
15 feet above the ground. When the leaves are down I can go thru at angles 
as low as 8 degrees in most directions.Now my angles increase to 25-30 
degrees in spots.The pines (which block S band are coming out here and 
there (another 14 this month).  I will only use a crank up tower anyway, I 
don't intend to climb at my young age of 56. Even two crossing pattern low 
towers one on each side of the house will give me good views of the sky.

The idea about mounting the antennas on top of one of the trees is 
interesting, if you will come here to climb it when it needs adjusting. 
Have you ever watched 110 ft tall trees sway in a storm?  They really move 
at the top, much more than a tower would.


At 09:51 AM 5/4/2005, you wrote:
>The need to "clear" the trees is overated.  There is very little attenuation
>at 2 meters and the losses at 430 MHz are tolerable.  The trees will help
>protect your antennas from high winds.  Of course at L band and S band it is
>another story, but most of the L and S band birds you will want to work will
>have high orbits and if there is a little space around your antennas your
>take off angle should be good.  If you are going to throw that kind of money
>around, I'd buy one of the crank ups, and mount it so it could easily be
>removed and resold.  Then you can report your results here!
>The other option is to top one of your trees and use it as a mount
>(commercial hardware for this does exist).  I have read several accounts of
>this being done with fairly large HF beams, so it should work for satellite
>73 and Good Luck,
> > >My tree guy was just here and told me that my tree canopy is at a height
> > >of at least 110 feet.  So I am thinking that a 89 ft tower with a mast
> > >another 15 feet higher is the only way i could ever "clear" the trees.
> > >
> > >Looks like a 90 ft tubular tower with top mounted antenna array would be
> > >waste of money. The only way to clear the tree cover would be a
> > >tower at least 89 feet tall.
> > >
> > >Les
> >
> > That would mean a $10,000 total cost for the tower plus buying the M2
> > rotors, another $2,000, AND having to put my HF yagi on the tower too.
> >
> > OR I could buy two (2) Force-12 LPT towers (52 ft) for about $4,000 total.
> > They come down to 13 feet so I could work off a 10 ft stepladder. I
> > have two G-5500 systems. If I put one tower on the west side of the house
> > could look over the trees blocking the eastern pass. If the other tower
> > on the esat side of the house it could look west much better because it
> > would be farther from those trees.
> >
> > Has anyone ever tried using two separate tracking arrays, one for Eastern
> > passes and the other for Western passes?
> > It would not be the perfect setup but would be about $5-7,000
> > LESS  expensive plus a whole lot less concrete. The 89 ft tower needs a
> > hole 5 ft x 5 ft x 8 feet deep.
> >
> > Les
> > W4SCO
> > ----
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