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Masthead preamp question

Wow what a lot of good data.

More clearly here is my setup.

Wimo crossed quad (11db) with V H RH and LH remote polarisation switching on 
2m and the same for 70cm (13dB).

60 cm dish with patch feed and SSB downconverter conected to the patch

2m coax loss to receiver input 0.5dB using LMR600
70cm coax loss to receiver input 0.8dB using LMR600
The SSB downconverter runs to the shack on 2m also on LMR600.


With these figures and a Kenwood TS2000 do I need a preamp at all.  Echo 51 
belts in here most passes but since there are no current HEO birds I have no 
experience with them.  

>From my readings however, the downlink on proposed HEO birds is S band or 
higher.  One has 2m but also 2.4Ghz

Is the S band signal worse than AO40.  I have read at length the systems 
required and I feel my disk, patch and downconverter should cut it.

Any comment for a amateur and AMSAT newbie (Dec 2004)


Jack Swart
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