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Re: Tower height

At 06:45 PM 5/3/2005, you wrote:
>My tree guy was just here and told me that my tree canopy is at a height 
>of at least 110 feet.  So I am thinking that a 89 ft tower with a mast 
>another 15 feet higher is the only way i could ever "clear" the trees.
>Looks like a 90 ft tubular tower with top mounted antenna array would be a 
>waste of money. The only way to clear the tree cover would be a triangular 
>tower at least 89 feet tall.

That would mean a $10,000 total cost for the tower plus buying the M2 
rotors, another $2,000, AND having to put my HF yagi on the tower too.

OR I could buy two (2) Force-12 LPT towers (52 ft) for about $4,000 total. 
They come down to 13 feet so I could work off a 10 ft stepladder. I already 
have two G-5500 systems. If I put one tower on the west side of the house i 
could look over the trees blocking the eastern pass. If the other tower was 
on the esat side of the house it could look west much better because it 
would be farther from those trees.

Has anyone ever tried using two separate tracking arrays, one for Eastern 
passes and the other for Western passes?
It would not be the perfect setup but would be about $5-7,000 
LESS  expensive plus a whole lot less concrete. The 89 ft tower needs a 
hole 5 ft x 5 ft x 8 feet deep.

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