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Hamsat update

Taken from DD news web site.

"The HAMSAT is expected to meet the long felt need of the Amateur 
Radio Operators in the South Asian region who possess the required 
equipment and operate in the UHF/VHF band based satellite radio 

Taken from AMSAT-NA web site

The IARU Satellite Advisor and the Panel have suggested to AMSAT 
India not to publish FM as a user option for the linear transponder, 
and to discourage the use of FM through these transponders, 
especially in countries with large amateur populations.

Im not too sure as per my log books if South Asia should be 
considered as a large amateur populated area. As any other parts of 
the world they should have access to space with the equipment they 
have available.

IARU concerns should be focused first more on north america and 
europe for their FM Xponder fears.

BTW AO-40 Xponder never suffer too much from FM transmissions on his 
UHF uplink. But RADAR pulses where quite annoying. Could be IARU can 
have a look at it too...? for the next P3E.

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