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Re: 3.3V 435MHz power amp for cubesat

Hello Nick
With 20dB gain you may have to use two stages, but have a look at the 
Maxim MAX 2601 or 2602 for the PA stage.
The spec is "DC to microwave" (?)
30dBm output
3.6V supply
58% eff.
suggested circuit for 900MHz and 433MHz is in the data sheet.
2602 is a linear version with inbuilt biasing diode.
David   G0MRF
_SSETI  Express_ (http://sseti.gte.tuwien.ac.at/WSW4/express5.php)  

Subject: [amsat-bb] power amp design for cube sat

The University  of Louisiana is looking for an amplifier design that will
input a 10 dbm  signal to 30 dbm have the below listed specs

Frequency                     : 435 MHz
Power input       : 10  dbm
Power out put             : 30 dbm
Voltage input   : 3.3  vdc
Efficiency               : > 50%

If you have  any suggestions for the team please contact  me

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