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RE: Newbie needs advice on Yaesu VX-5R and FT-60

Hi David,

	I've owned and used a VX5R for several years and it's an excellent handheld
but I don't think I'd recommend it for satellite work unless you have a
separate receiver. I understand that it is about to be replaced by the VX6,
you might want to wait a while for the new model.
	If you're looking for a general purpose HT, I'd recommend you spend a few
more dollars and buy a Kenwood TH-D7A. It supports full duplex operation and
will run APRS and has a built in 1200/9600 baud TNC for packet.

Steve .. AI7W
lm #2270

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Sent: Tuesday, May 03, 2005 01:01 UTC
Subject: [amsat-bb] Newbie needs advice on Yaesu VX-5R and FT-60

Hi all,

I am about to purchase either a Yaesu VX-5R or a

I understand the basics of satellite operation, but I
need help understanding HT suitability.

In the VX-5R brochure it states "The 144/430 MHz
capability of the VX-5R is ideal for portable
satellite operation on FM satellites like AO-27 (TX
145.8 MHz/RX 436.8 MHz)."

There is no equivalent reference (that I can find) in
the FT-60 material.

I realize that neither of these are true dual Receive.
I can't get enough information from the online Yaesu
manuals to understand:

1) Is the VX-5R really suitable for satellite work ?
If so, what feature (Dual Watch?) is used, and how is
it configured ? By that I mean key/critical issues,
not all the keystrokes needed.

2) Can I get similar (or any) satellite work out of
the  FT-60. If so, key configuration tips please.

I do understand that a true Dual Rx HT (like the
VX-7R) is a better solution, and that I could use a
separate Rxer in addition to any HT.

Thank you for any comments, suggestions.


David Mather VE3XTA.
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