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Re: Cable loss


If you tower mount your PA/preamps, then the cable loss really isn't that
As long as the preamp gain is enough to overcome the losses and the power
reaching the mast is enough to drive your PA, then all should be fine. Shack
mounting of PA's is really just the hard way of doing it!
I have about the same distance to run as you and I use RG213. That has 6db
of loss on my system, so 40W drive from the radio gives 10W at the mast,
perfect to drive my PA. |The mast happens to have a shed next to it, which
is ideal for housing the amps.
For 23cms, I intend using a mast mounted PA, requiring 50mW of drive, so I
will be using a long length of RG58 or even RG174 to act as an attenuator
after the transmit converter's 1.5W output!

I recon my aproach is still valid for terestrial work, with QRO valve amps.
Shed mounted amps and sensible coax feeds to the shack (as I will be doing
when I finally get 23cms EME going).

(This is probably a whole big can of worms I'm opening here!)


From: sco@sco-inc.com
Subject: [amsat-bb] Cable Run

What type of cable and loss would be acceptable for a minimum of 150 feet
run from my ground/entrance to shack and the proposed tower/antenna

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