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Trouble with SatPC32

Greetings to the group,

I just installed SatPC32 and feel it can be a valuable program to use if I 
can get it to work properly. Specifically I am having problems with the up 
and downlink frequencies on the radio toggling much to fast for me to hear 
QSOs on the birds or to try to participate in a QSO. This occurs as soon as 
I activate the CAT button. Once the toggling starts it won't slow down or 
stop unless I deactivate the Sat function. I have tried various interval 
values and most recently 600Hz for FM and 100 Hz for SSB but the problem 
persists. I have read the manual several times and feel I have a fairly good 
understanding of the  program except for this problem and I'm also not clear 
on calibration. I am using a Yaesu FT- 817 with SatPC32 with a small amp on 
the 2M side and a preamp on the 70CM side. I am also using a diplexer. Would 
appreciate help with this problem because this program should help me work 
FO-29 if I can get it up and running properly.

Many thanks and 73s

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