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Hamsat launch

Hi all
Hamsat launch is now scheduled for 5 May 2005 appx time is 10.22 IST 

Members of Amsat India will be at ISTRAC mission centre to experience the pre launch checks , countdown, Tlm and oribital commands etc.
As it will help hams to experience and gain knowledge of such activities specially of their own Hamsat programme.
ISTRAC is the Indian Sat Tracking Centre at Bangalore

Doordharsan TV known  as DD ( Govt run TV  Ch ) have taken video clipping for an exclusive news story about the HAMSAT.
Hams working sats and interviewed Hams in the amateur sat operations like VU2POP, VU3SXE, VU2GUR have been covered exclusively.
This will be aired on 2 or 3 May.

In the mean time a new ham station is setup at ISTRAC  apart from the other Ham Stn VU2URC at ISAC.
VU2WMY Mani ( ISAC ), VU2FBS Singh ( ISTRAC ) have been assigned the payload evaluation jobs from ISRO.

Last evening and this morning the new Ham stn at ISRAC was contacted via the AO-51, stns active here were VU2WMY, VU2FBS, VU3TYG, VU2GUR and myself VU2POP. 
ISTRAC ham stn was setup by VU2WMY Mani and VU2FBS Singh within a couple of days with the FT-767, FT-726, FT-8800 new G-5500 rotator, 2 UHF, VHF cross yagis,  NOVA tracker etc.
They have sucessfully tracked and copied beacon / Tlm of other sats.

We hope the other centres of ISRO too will activate ham stns soon. More than 30 hams are in various centres of ISRO.

At the same time there is excitement around with VU Hams who are gearing up for the Hamsat activity and we hope to hear many new stns coming up on the Sat modes. 

Looking forward to the Hamsat.
Best 73
Amsat India regd
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