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Re: Echo Higher power mode

Quoting McGrane <tmcgrane@suffolk.lib.ny.us>:

> Greetings
> Higher power output of Echo TX B (fm phone) is scheduled for May 12 to
> may
> 17. 
> May I suggest we all tell a few friends to try the satellite and we can
> stand-by and let some new operators into echo.
> Thank you for scheduleing this mode, 73, Patrick N2OEQ

I'm excited about this, too: I'm going to be in Banff at a conference and 
during this time, and will be able to bring a low-profile antenna. 

I've seen  a number of web pages and articles in back issues of Amsat
Journal that describe the  use of whip antennas like the MFJ 1717 under
these circumstances. I was about to buy one when I got  thinking about

It seems to me  these are  1/2 w at 70cm, approximately 15.5". I think this
would be a high impedance  point, possibly necessitating a matching network. 

An alternative  would be to make  a dipole at 70cm. 

Of course then there is  the issue  of getting  this to play on 2m,  too.

Anybody with apropos experiences from  the glory days of UO-14?

73, VE9QRP
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