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Re: AO-51 contacts and QSL info.

On 30 Apr 2005 at 2:51, NCC-1701E wrote:

Hi Ernest

I found some answers in your own text.

> Dear members:
> As I read the info on the Echo site, It has come time to say a few 
words about all the high powered stations accessing AO-51 and 
stomping the daylights out of the HT users.

This phenomenon exist in the past, you experiment it actually, and 
it's will be there tomorrow. You wrote "> I'll just have to do what I 
can with what I have" That's exactly what we all do.

> I was hoping there would be some form of "gentlemen's" agreement on 
high power to access this particular bird, 

To enforced this "gentlemen's" agreement on the late AO-40 they 
implemented LEILA to refrain the high powered stations and even with 
LEILA the problem still existed.
> 50+ watts ERP or greater in my view, is not keeping with the 
'spirit' of low powered use of this satellite, and it makes it almost 
impossible to make a QSO with a station that is 6 degrees above the 
northern horizon while a big gun is calling from 6 degrees on the 
southern horizon and still 
> blowing me out of the water so I can't hear this northern contact 
return my call.

Even on a transponder satellite if you can make a QSY to avoid any 
QRM you are "very limited" on a one channel satellite. You are also 
very limited in time due to the fact it is a 10 minutes pass 
satellite you cannot wait hoping the channel will cleared in the next 
hours.That's why many of of still believe we should have HEO sat's.

> I'm not an AMSAT member yet, but will be very soon though.
> From what I have read about AO-51, this is 'supposed' to be an easy 
sat for HT users to access, yet I have found this to be quite the 
opposite many times.

Joined the group this will give you  a virtual pass to wrote on AMSAT-
BB and this should normally help in the satellite mission but you 
will have to added direct donations as i think and i will come on 
this later. In short your membership alone cannot put any satellite 
in the space.

"this is 'supposed' to be an easy sat for HT users to access" You 
turn the knife in the plea... Virtually speaking it was supposed to 
be but the fact that some on experimenters wednesday QRP session can 
access the sat with low power make it an "easy sat". 

Is the glass is half full or half empty? that's depend of your way of 

What's next? you refer to the Borgs "resistance is futile you will be 
assimilated" A new indian satellite with a transponder will come soon 
and thank's to Willliam Leijenaar PE1RAH btw here just to boost my 
international look ;)... I dont know who pay him his expenses he 
never asked for any support?  Joke aside when he cut he should bleed 
satellites thank's again William and fingers crossed for the next 

AMSAT-DL P3E is also coming soon EAGLE in on the drawing board with 
the FULL support of the BOD of AMSAT-NA. It is the prime focus and 
all the energys are actually focused on this project. Virtually 
speaking even in kind efforts are collected to virtually show the 
crowd how strong AMSAT-NA is driving toward EAGLE. I'm sure as a new 
AMSAT-NA member you will not be dissapointed.

Did i should use more punctuation here? sorry but my english is very 

Your inputs and experiences are valuable Ernest and i personally 
found them enlighting.

Returning under my rock.

Even worse than not being informed is to believe that you are

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
This a personnal opinion not from a Quebec  AMSAT area 
AMSAT 33583
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