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AO-51 contacts and QSL info.

Dear members:
As I read the info on the Echo site, It has come time to say a few words about all the high powered stations accessing AO-51 and stomping the daylights out of the HT users.

I was hoping there would be some form of "gentlemen's" agreement on high power to access this particular bird, but since I have been using this particular bird during its pass over my location, I find it very difficult to get my call in over the others running signals well in excess of 5 watts(plus ant. gain) that I and many users operate with. 

50+ watts ERP or greater in my view, is not keeping with the 'spirit' of low powered use of this satellite, and it makes it almost impossible to make a QSO with a station that is 6 degrees above the northern horizon while a big gun is calling from 6 degrees on the southern horizon and still 
blowing me out of the water so I can't hear this northern contact return my call.

It's not rude, but it is frustrating at times to be working a VE6 and hearing him/her getting stomped by a W4 that is close to LOS and yet 'we' can not complete the contact due to this form of QRM.

I know I am a small time operator, and I am not writing this to appear as a n argument of sorts, just an informative note to kindly request all users to run as close to the HT level as originally intended so all users have equal oportunity to make good contacts, and not have to do the HF style hunt and pounce routine on 20 meters during a contest.
I'm not an AMSAT member yet, but will be very soon though.