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Re: An Apology to the Group

Time to demand individuall names.

Then sue for damages, and punitive damages.

Powerful deterrent . . .

Cliff Buttschardt wrote:

> Roger Kolakowski wrote:
>> After reading my response concerning the zealous Park Ranger, I 
>> realize that
>> I over reacted to what has become a daily situation in the US after 
>> 9/11.
>> I'm the one who gets frustrated with the TSA at the airports, the 
>> police who
>> already know EVERYTHING about you and your vehicle before they stop 
>> you and
>> the myriad of people who want to know my mother's maiden name and the 
>> last 4
>> digits of my SSN. How can it be a "secret" if everyone I talk to 
>> confirms it
>> with me?
>> So...as no justification at all...just before I read about the Park 
>> Ranger,
>> I was reading a mailed flyer from the local Conservation Commission. 
>> They
>> ask that every resident seek prior review for "new landscaping, tree
>> removal, vegetation clearing, and regarding of your property. Now 
>> mind you,
>> I don't live in a city; we have 2 acre zoning and my 2 acres has 
>> "thousands"
>> of trees. A small percent die every year and I cut them up for 
>> firewood for
>> my use during the winter.
>> So here comes the Park Ranger....I don't advocate the overthrow of the
>> government....just the careful, sane understanding of the laws that do
>> exist.
>> If the US government can "arbitrarily" restrict where I can use my 
>> ISSUED radio license, under the guise of "he didn't know any better," 
>> we as
>> US amateurs are taking a big step backward.
>> What does this have to do with satellites? Only that every "mobile" or
>> remote operation shouldn't have to pave their own way.... In the 60's we
>> needed Civil Defense stickers to grease the skids...what do we need 
>> in this
>> millennium?
>> I guess I'm still aggravated, but I apologize for bringing it up here.
>> Roger
>> ----
> I've been holding my thoughts until there have been enough comments to
> where mine make some sense.  I've been hassled beyond all reason in the
> Los Padres National Forest as well.  At the time, before 911, we knew we
> needed a permit to operate from the bowels of Death Vally.  We submitted
> the request and after three weeks without a reply had to resubmit.  Yes,
> eventually we got the permit, got hasselled again on site, produced the
> papers sent us AND WERE STILL ASKED TO LEAVE!!  The arrogance of these
> "public servants" is outstanding!  I think the final step has to be
> taken, that is the one in which the ranger in Florida has asked proper
> questions AND ask the ARRL to be sure through political channels, ham
> radio and federal licensing is recognized.  Let us not just drop the
> subject by relating bad experiences!!    Cliff K7RR
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