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EL-84 and National Parks

I am not local and am now back home.  I was attempting to operate from  the 
area near the docks and nowhere near the fort.  The rangers on duty had  no 
interest in seeing my license.  I have had similar experiences in other  parks as 
to what you describe.  Rangers have asked what I was doing.   Doing have made 
radio calls and then let me continue.  Some have  listened.  One ranger put 
on a set of headphones to listen to a satellite  pass with me.
I have been making calls and have now spoken to the officer in charge of  law 
enforcement, the Ranger supervisor and the Park superintendent.  They  all 
promise to look into it but I have not heard back yet.  I have been  told that 
they have required a permit to set up a large antenna/station in the  fort.  
They have no idea why the ranger refused to let me use my radio  given the fact 
that I was outside the fort and using an HT.  I suggested  that the ranger did 
not know what she was doing and was not willing to listen or  look into it 
before restricting my use of the radio.  I also suggested that  the ranger did 
not have the authority to not allow me to transmit and certainly  did not have 
the authority to tell me I could not listen!
So far, each person is looking into it and trying to decide what guidelines  
should be set as to whom can operate what type of station. 
I think this is the bigger issue.  I do not think they realize that  this 
issue does not fall under their jurisdiction.  
I wonder how far an official complaint to the FCC will go?
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