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An Apology to the Group

After reading my response concerning the zealous Park Ranger, I realize that
I over reacted to what has become a daily situation in the US after 9/11.

I'm the one who gets frustrated with the TSA at the airports, the police who
already know EVERYTHING about you and your vehicle before they stop you and
the myriad of people who want to know my mother's maiden name and the last 4
digits of my SSN. How can it be a "secret" if everyone I talk to confirms it
with me?

So...as no justification at all...just before I read about the Park Ranger,
I was reading a mailed flyer from the local Conservation Commission. They
ask that every resident seek prior review for "new landscaping, tree
removal, vegetation clearing, and regarding of your property. Now mind you,
I don't live in a city; we have 2 acre zoning and my 2 acres has "thousands"
of trees. A small percent die every year and I cut them up for firewood for
my use during the winter.

So here comes the Park Ranger....I don't advocate the overthrow of the
government....just the careful, sane understanding of the laws that do

If the US government can "arbitrarily" restrict where I can use my FEDERALLY
ISSUED radio license, under the guise of "he didn't know any better," we as
US amateurs are taking a big step backward.

What does this have to do with satellites? Only that every "mobile" or
remote operation shouldn't have to pave their own way.... In the 60's we
needed Civil Defense stickers to grease the skids...what do we need in this

I guess I'm still aggravated, but I apologize for bringing it up here.

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