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Re: EL84

I seem to remember from my Extra class studying that there is a prohibition
against working from national parks or monuments without first submitting
a written request and description of the operation to the facility 
The reasoning is to allow the facility to address any environmental impact
such operation may have.   If that is what the ranger was basing his 
on then, he is correct.

I'll have to double check my study guide and get the part 97 section as a

-Freeman, N5FPP

Edward R. Cole wrote:

>At 09:24 PM 4/25/2005 -0400, ScottOlitsky@aol.com wrote:
>>My apologies to anyone who was looking for me today.  As I was assembling my 
>>Arrow antenna, the park Ranger came over to me and asked me what I was
>>After describing my activity, I was told to stop immediately and that I
>>not broadcast without a special national park permit.  After futile attempts 
>>to explain more, I got nowhere and shut down for the day.  I am checking
>>this tomorrow.  I have operated from several parks and even demonstrated to 
>>Rangers at some.  Is this correct?  Has anyone else experienced this?
>>Scott  AC3A
>Very frustrating!  The ranger is out of line, as long as your activity is
>not bothering any other activity in direct proximity to your operating
>location.  Parks have no authority to regulate operation of radio
>equipment, arbitrarly.  If radio emissions are a hazard to something in
>that location, then a simple explanation was owed to you.  We should not
>treat adults like children (in fact one should always explain to children
>the "why" of rules and discipline).
>Next time ask for the Rangers name and office phone number and his
>superior's name and number.  If he refuses, then note his description and
>name tag (most wear name badges) and his park vehicle license number (note
>location, date and time...the park should know who was driving the vehicle
>at that time).  
>Follow up by contacting the park district office and work your way up the
>chain of command.  If this does not result in an reasonable explanation
>and/or apology, then contact your US representative and Senator and relate
>how you were treated.  You might also contact Riley Holingsworth's office
>for their reaction.
>Too often rangers emphasize law enforcement without considering that the
>Nat'l Parks belong to the people for their recreation and enjoyment.  Park
>rangers use to empahsize interpretation and safety over enforcement (parks
>were supposed to be place one could excape the madness of the city!).
>If this was a state park then adjust accordingly.
>In my opinion the ranger was a bully and his behaviour was out of line for
>his profession.
>73's Ed - KL7UW
>Ed - KL7UW  <new call>
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Sent via amsat-bb@amsat.org. Opinions expressed are those of the author.
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