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Re: Uni Trac 2003

At 14:11 4/25/05 -0400, you wrote: 
>Is anyone using this? 
>I just got one to try and it has a pre made cable to hook to my 847 and
>G5500 control box. 
>BUT there is one cable with bare leads that says 'ECP" on it. I can 
>out where the other cables go but what do i do with this one and where 
>it go? 
								25 April 2005 
	Leslie Scofield, W4SCO, 
	4426 Hugh Howell Road,  B369, 
	Tucker, Ga.  30084. 

	W4SCO de S.I., 

		Ah!  Another person who only reads the instruction manual as a last 

	You will find a description of the ECP ports in the instruction manual.
They are very useful devices, once you have become familiar with the 
operation of Uni_Trac 2003 (and also with the Uni_Trac 2000).  

	The ECP ports do NOT have to be used! But if you want some extra 
control capability, they are there to be used. Basically they are a pair
of additional control lines that can be programmed differently for 
different satellites, or for different modes of a particular satellite. 
Use them to switch external relays for, as an example, polarisation 
switching or perhaps gain switching, or what ever. 

	We add them to all Interface Cables that we include with Uni_Trac. This
means that you don't have to open up the very busy DB-25 connector and 
add your own wires; an operation that is fraught with danger for some 
customers. And you get the advantage of screened Teflon covered wires, 
like all of the signal and control wires in our Interface Cable. You 
will note that the 12 volt power wires are Teflon insulated but not 

	May I implore you to please read the Instruction Manual for full 
details of the ECP0 and ECP1 ports. 

	73s,   de John  G3BVU/W1    amsat 439. 

	Yours truly, 

	C.J.Beanland, MSEE, C.Eng., MIEE, MRAeS. 
	Sales Manager, 
	Spectrum International,Inc.	spectrum.ma.ultranet@rcn.com 
	P.O. Box 1084,			Tel: (978) 263-2145 
	Concord, Mass. 01742.		Fax: (978) 263-7008
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