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Re: G-5500 rotor

I just visually verified that the antenna is pointed NORTH. But I left it 
pointed EAST (I think I did, I usually do.). If I move the lever to make it 
move to the right it moves (can not see the antenna from here). But if I 
release the lever or power off the needle goes back to 0 (North).

At 10:00 PM 4/22/2005, you wrote:
>Where did you move it to and was it just the
>controller that you moved? With the controller reading
>) where do the antennas point? Are they still pointing
>East. What you just mentioned shouldnt happen under
>normal circumstances.
>Good Luck,
>I received your card a few days ago and thank you.
>When I get a chance I will send mine to you.
>--- sco@sco-inc.com wrote:
> > I moved my G-5500 controller, wires attached, now i
> > have a problem. Before
> > i moved it the AZ was reading 90 degrees and the
> > antennas pointed EAST.
> > After moving it the controller now reads 0. Any
> > ideas?
> >
> > W4SCO
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