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Re: RE: Delivery Dates

The M2 Orion 2800 AZ rotor is rated at 35 sq ft and is built like a tank 
(so I have heard). I believe it would have no problem with this projected 
windload. I would not pole mount the satellite array. The EL rotor would be 
mounted to the top portion of the mast, just like I now mount the EL rotor 
of my Yaesu G-5500.

At 11:03 AM 4/22/2005, you wrote:
>i don't know anything about calculating wind load. however, i can make an
>observation.... by mounting the second rotor on a pole extending up from 
>the first rotor is, you are going to have the weakest point in your entire
>structure at the lowest rotor. it will not be the tower taking the windload,
>but the lower rotor taking the windload of the first antenna and the 
>this, as i said is only an observation from the common man, not from anyone
>that knows anything about windload.
>i would think the first rotor would have to equal the wind load of everything
>attached to it. also by adding a pole up from the first rotor, you have 
>added a
>lever an fulcrum (the fulcrum being at the mounting point of the first 
>rotor or
>the point where it comes out of the top of the tower). that is a lot of 
>on that point.
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