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Re: RE: Delivery Dates

Freeman, for some reason your ISP thinks my email address is a spammer. My 
last email to you was rejected but there was no way mentioned to report the 
error to your ISP.

>If this is the route you are taking then be sure to purchase the chormolly
>mast, or at the very least the reinforced mast.  Check with US-Towers
>on the load capacity of the mast that sticks out above the tower.

I think that is a good idea. I have asked US Towers what they think of my 
proposed idea.

>I would still recommend looking at the HDX version of the tower, as I have.
>You can save a bit of money on the tower buy purchasing through one of
>US-Towers dealers (like Texas Towers).  I've noticed a $500 to $800 price
>difference between the prices on US Towers web site and Texas Towers

I agree. HRO is several hundred dollars lower. But the extra cost of a HDX 
tower is about the same as two separate TX towers (55 ft for HF and 72 ft 
for sat). Then I would have no big advantage of using just one tower. The 
M2 Orion 2800 AZ rotor can handle 35 sq ft so it should handle the extra 
windload of the mast and small satellite array. If I leave the tower down 
at the 23 ft height, except when i am using it I still think (on paper) 
that would be more than adequate???

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