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RE: Delivery Dates

Thanks for the info.
Several hams have been giving me feedback on my ideas.

The main concern raised seems to be about the windload rating of the tower. 
IF I have the Force-12 C-3SS yagi (4.4 sq ft) at about one foot up a strong 
mast on top of your 72 ft tower (TX-472MDP), turned by the M2 Orion 
2800P-DC rotor ... then mount my small satellite array (about 5 sq ft) at 
the top of the mast (10-15 ft height) using the M2 MT-1000 EL rotor, about 
7-10 feet higher than the HF yagi, what windload rated tower do i need?

Will a 18 sq ft tower still safely do the job for me (TX-472MDP)?  Assume 
that I will raise and lower the tower before and after each use using your 
remote control from the shack.

How far down inside the tower does the mast go to the rotor plate?

L. Scofield
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