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M2 rotors

Has anyone used the M2 RC-2800 PRK Dual  controller with NOVA. and either 
the SASI Sat Tracker or the UniTrac 2003 computer interface?

Along with using the M2 MT-1000 EL (elevation) rotor?

With the M2 2800DC AZ rotor?

IF ... I mounted a Force-12 C-3SS 10-15-20m yagi on a strong mast at the 
top of a US Tower TX472 with motor drive, then put my small satellite array 
about 8 feet higher above the yagi... so I could rotate 90 degrees vertical 
and park it level for HF work ...

IF ... I used the above rotors and controller ... vs my earlier idea of 
mounting the Yaesu G-5500 on the top of the mast (pole style) ... and 
placed the tower next to my house on the two story side so i could build a 
platform on the edge of the roof to effect antenna adjustments, that would 
also give me a 100 ft cable run to my entrance ground system, and close to 
the window coming into my shack.

NOW ... would this design look promising and practical, ... IF i could put 
all the above pieces together, vs having two separate tower systems (HF and 

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