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Re: Wimo Antennas


A couple of years back, I bought a 40 turn helix for 2.4G and a 20 turn helix for 1.2G, both from Wimo.  Both were very well made.  Shipping was expensive!!

The 1.2G helix has been on the array since then---I've made contacts on both AO-40 and AO-51.  I sold the 40 turn 2.4 helix at a hamfest last for a cheap price--I've become quite a believer in the dishes!  A 24"/60 cm dish is quite a bit more antenna...

You can hear AO-51 on a lot less than 40 turns---the G3RUH patch alone (8.5 dbic) is sufficient when you're in the clear!  I believe Mike KE4AZN has worked it a few times on something like a 2-4 turn helix feed.

As I grew accustomed to the microwave stuff, now I'm dreaming about a 4-6' dish with a tri-band patch feed :)  


Mark N8MH

>> Does anyone have any experience with the Wimo helix antennas for 1.2 and 2.4 
>> GHz? I believe they should be more than adequate for AO-51, but I was 
>> wondering if any one had used them? 
>> http://www.ssbusa.com/wimohelix.html 
>> Thanks and 73, 
>> Joe 
>> kk0sd 

Mark L. Hammond  [N8MH]
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