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Re: Tower Idea

Sounds good to me. I did that at my old house and it worked for 10 years 
till I took it down to move. The real issue you have is solved with the 
crank over tower. I would have had real problems getting to my KLM twins. 
Lucky I did not have any problems with them. I used 9913  for the 435 side 
as my run was 150 feet to the radio. The S-band converted to 2 meters was 
feed with RG6. Worked great!  My advise is to go for it. Wont to see a 
picture of our fieldday setup that is about what you are doing see this link.


73's << John

At 08:23 PM 4/20/2005, sco@sco-inc.com wrote:
>I would like comments on the following proposed idea for a tower arrangement:
>US Tower TX-72 with motor drive and crank over (72 feet in height plus 10 
>- 15 feet of mast above the top of tower).
>M2 rotor to turn the mast.
>Force 12 XR-6A  (10-40m Yagi on a 18 ft boom) mounted about one foot above 
>the top of the tower.
>Yaesu G-5500 rotor mounted "pole style" at the top of the mast. It would 
>have my short M2 yagis for 2m and 70 cm plus dish for S Band.
>If I put the satellite array on the HF tower there will be at least a 150 
>ft (min) cable run to the tower from my shack, plus another 50 feet up the 
>This combination would give me at least a 10 ft maximum separation between 
>the antennas. Should be fine then with no interference problems for the 
>Force 12 or the satellite array (since it would be on the top). Since the 
>tower would be a crank over i should be able to get to the satellite array 
>to do adjustments. The M2 rotor is very very strong and dependable and 
>accurate so there would be no problem to turn the array for HF work or 
>have it stopped at a known heading for the satellite rotor (G-5500) to 
>take over when i wanted to do satellite work.
>Is this a practical and workable approach?  I do NOT want to use the 
>G-5500 to turn my HF antenna because I have my HF and satellite stations 
>in two separate desk areas of my "ham shack". plus I do not like the look 
>and feel of the G-5500 for HF work. Therefore that is not an option. I 
>either do the above or need to put up two separate towers, one for HF and 
>one for satellite. Because of the issues with my trees (I am in a forest, 
>it looks like) that would require at least an 80 ft+ tower (to clear my 
>trees) for satellite work. Has anyone pole mounted a G-5500 small 
>satellite array on a 10 -15 ft mast at the top of a 72 ft motor driven 
>crank up/crank over tower?
>If this can be done it will save me at least $4-7,000 plus I will have a 
>motor drive on my HF tower (which i would not do if I must buy two towers).
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