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Re: 38k4 w/ PCR-1000

Hi David,

Last week, I tried an AO-51 pass with the PCR-1000 at 9600.  The antenna/receive is the normal M2 (10' model) with ARR preamp.

I was horribly unimpressed.  Perhaps it was a filter setting or something else that was not quite right.  I need to try some more.  I received something like 3 packets.  Ugh.

On my list of "hopeful activities" is some 38k4 tonight using the PCR-1000.  I need more passes to really have a good feel for it, but I think it (PCR-1000) is not nearly as good on receive as my TS-2000.

Let us know how your tests go!


Mark N8MH
> From: David Carr <dc@dcarr.org>
> Date: 2005/04/19 Tue PM 11:16:16 EDT
> To: amsat-bb@amsat.org
> Subject: [amsat-bb] 38k4 w/ PCR-1000
> Is anyone out there using a PCR-1000 to recieve 38k4 from ECHO without a
> preamp?
> I have a 6 ele hand-pointed yagi that I'm trying to use with this rig in
> a "portable" application.
> One other problem, 38k4 sounds so much like noise I can't tell whether
> or not anything is working.
> Thanks,
> David Carr
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