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Re: Failed attempt on FO-29.

Amen. We can't expect to grow our ranks and build new sats when the ones we have are so underutilized. On the rare occasion that FO-29 gets really busy, everyone clusters up around the center. It's not that hard to spread out a little. Thats why I have recommended the guys on half duplex and low power go up around .875 where it's nice and clear usually (except when AO-51 is in view also now...) with a 100 khz transponder, 10 qsos could take place with NO doppler correction and never hear each other. What a wonderful problem that would be.....

Interested parties should plan on attending the Dayton demos if they are there. I'll be working FO-29 full duplex from a backpack with a whopping 2 watts output. No expensive rotors, no computer control. 

73, Drew KO4MA

>-----Original Message-----
>From: KC6UQH 

>While theoretically possible I have yet to hear someone drift into someone
>else's QSO. In fact you can call CQ for most of the pass and not hear anyone
>but yourself! If we get 20 + separate QSO's on a pass it could be a
>historical moment for AMSAT! The Maytag repairman gets more exercise than
>this Bird!

>Art, KC6UQH
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