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Re: Failed attempt on FO-29.

I'm sorry, but the idea that the CW ops "...will hear you and just move 
over" is simply unacceptable!

While the practice of leaving one's uplink frequency constant and adjusting 
the downlink for doppler may be the only practical way to operate in 
half-duplex, it is not good operating practice, in that your downlink signal 
can drift into an on-going QSO, causing interference that you are REQUIRED 
BY LAW to avoid.  This is PRECISELY the reason that the recommended 
procedure has always been to adjust one's UPLINK to maintain a constant 
downlink frequency.

Soap box mode off

George, KA3HSW

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> Pat,
> Although I operate full-duplex, this is how I would approach FO-29 with 
> your set-up.
> Like a lot of people, I do not use doppler correction. I leave my transmit 
> on a fixed frequency and tune my receiver down frequency to follow the QSO 
> drift.
> Set your uplink at 146.960. Your downlink will come down about 435.840 
> and start drifting downward. You will be below the the crowded center of 
> the pass band.  Chances are good that somebody will hear you. If you are 
> too close to the edge of the pass band, your chance that someone hears you 
> gets less.
> Announce in the CQ and to the station that you are half duplex. Since you 
> have different dopplers, You will have to hunt each other after each 
> transmission (You will not be able to hear your downlink and zero beat 
> his/her frequency ).
> If your lucky and dopplers are close to the same, you will just track each 
> other down frequency.
> There is some CW in this area, but they will hear you and just move over. 
> There is plenty of room.
> GL and enjoy FO-29
> Mike
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