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Re: AO 7 Contact frequency

>Recent O7 users, please amplify this with any info you have available, and 
>the same to anyone with suggestions, always welcome.

Like 435.850 on FO-29, 145.950 is sort of the defacto meeting place in the middle of the passband. It has been my experience that .940 or so is a good place to operate, with the transponder being several Db louder there it seems. Regardless of where you operate on the transponder, be aware of the noisy spots in the passband and look for the clear, clean holes in between them...

Good Luck on the old girl. Just last night I listened to PH7PCF on ssb for a minute or so on a pass that was less than 1 degree of elevation here. I have nothing special for antennas, just the standard midsize RHCP type sat antennas, Icom preamps, and a 910 without the DSP, and in a very urban and tree filled neighborhood.

73, Drew KO4MA
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