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AO 7 Contact frequency

It has been suggested by Bob, W7LRD, and several others to establish a 
contact frequency for Oscar 07.

This will accomplish several things:
1.  Enable quick "grazing" contacts for some amazing DX in some parts of 
the world.
2. A contact point for all, particularly present FM users that may be 
inexperienced in using bandwidth procedures with an inverting 
transponder.  It is a good training tool for upcoming P3E.
3. Enable quick determination of mode B on a mode erratic Oscar 07.

With that in mind let us use 145.950 downlink, with whatever your equipment 
requires for a matching uplink.  I am of the opinion that beginners will 
find it easier to use a fixed downlink, and adjust the uplink to 
match.  With two users, that procedure is optional, and let us not repeat 
that endless tirade that has been off and on here for years!
With multiple users it is infinitely better to maintain the downlink.

Please use that frequency as a "meeting place" and take your partner(s) 
either up or down.  NOW, none of us has a "reserved" frequency.  In the 
event that it is occupied (either deliberately or inadvertently) simply go 
up 5, and call there.

I have not been on AO7 for months, if you have questions on the modes, use 
amsat.org.  Also go there for frequency information.  I'll help new users 
all I can...

Recent O7 users, please amplify this with any info you have available, and 
the same to anyone with suggestions, always welcome.

I'm moving some antennas on my roof in preparation for P3E, and I'll try to 
get up there soon..

            73, Dave wb6llo@amsat.org
                    Disagree: I learn....

               Pulling for P3E... 
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