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Re: let's talk about satellites instead HEO or LEO?

On 17 Apr 2005 at 15:44, John Heaton wrote:

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> Its at time like this when the use of a forum package like phpBB2 
> be an advantage over email, as 'some' people could go and sit on 
> of the forum without bothering anyone else.
> I honestly don't mind one little bit, as the SPAM rules on my 
> have been tailored to dump the stuff that I'm not really interested 

> in.. :-)
> John

I even asked for more than the clients wants.

I asked for a set of guidelines on AMSAT-BB.  The first few first 
answers i got up till now seems to indicated we should resolved any 
conflicting issues between ourselves as the listserver is an open 

If your solution goes by the ostrich syndrome your suggestion is 
already made... But as i already wrote did you trash your daily 
newspaper copy if you read something you don't like in it?

What you want all of us learn from your post? is that you discard 
your whole newspaper and called the editor to let him know what you 
are doing?

Its ridiculous you said,  I agree with you but it's just what you are 
doing. To avoid any further ambarrasment please do it if you want but 
don't tell it to the crowd.

Still awaiting answers and i start to get some. ;) 

Even worse than not being informed is to believe that you are

Luc Leblanc VE2DWE
coordonnator mention prohibited...
AMSAT 3358
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