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S/W for Doppler tracking ISS ?

Hi All,


I have been working on development of a permanent i-gate in VK6 for ISS (and
PCSAT, PCSAT2 when launced etc).


Over the last few weeks, I have been using:

1.  WISP to predict when ISS, NO-44 etc are in range

2.  WISP to make command line calls, to put FT7361.exe into WISP mode

3.  WISP to make a command line call, putting FT7361.exe back into
Terrestrial mode


On receive, this all works quite well.  My FT-736R sits listening to the
Australian national APRS frequency of 145.175MHz until 10 seconds before ISS
comes into range;  WISP then places FT7361.exe into WISP mode, allowing the
radio to track the ISS downlink on 145.800MHz, +/- the ~3kHz of Doppler


However, it doesn't work for transmit.  The WISP mode of FT7361.exe is
optimized for use with the 9600bps cross-band satellites, and places the
FT736R radio into "SAT" mode.   and the FT736R doesn't support same-band RX
and TX when in SAT mode.


I have had a quick look at WISPDDE 4.3.2, and although it was definitely
sending CAT commands to the FT736R, and displaying the correct RX and TX
frequencies on my computer screen (which WISPDDE took at 3 second intervals
from WISP, using DDE), nothing happened on the FT736R.


Therefore, my question for the -bb is this;


Can anyone recommend a good setup for automatically tracking the same-band
RX/TX satellites, such as ISS and NO-44?  (It is preferable that the radio
can be placed back to a simplex 2m frequency between passes).








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