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Re: Null Modem Cable

At 7:13 PM -0500 4/16/05, <ka5sma@bellsouth.net> wrote:
>am trying to cable new computer to my 847...the software I am using says be
>sure and use a "null modem" cable..
>I need to go from Serial 9 Pin.on the  847 ..to a USB.....since USB
>connector  only has 8 pins...arent all Serial 9 pin to USB cables "nule
>modem"  ??(pin 9 not connected)

You need more than a cable to connect the 847 to USB. You need a USB 
serial port, plus a serial null modem cable. I have had good luck 
(mostly) with the USB serial ports from Keyspan (www.keyspan.com). 
For a low-speed application like rig control, the "PDA Adapter" model 
is fine. If you expect to need multiple serial ports in the future, 
get the 4-port model now.

The port on the RS-232 side of the USB serial adapter is a standard 
9-pin port just like you'd find on a PC laptop or modern desktop 
computer. You'd then need a standard 9-pin null modem cable to 
connect it to the 847. If you're wiring your own, you probably only 
need a few wires. I'd hope the 847 manual would specify which ones. 
It might also depend on which software you plan to use.

73  -Paul
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