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G-5400B maintenance

Hello all,

this might have been discussed before, anyhow I wasnt able to find the answer 
in the archives so here is my question for you.
I have had my G-5400B in place since 1996 and I have never done any kind of 
maintenace since then.
It works just fine, but it recently started giving me some troubles when 
connected to my fodtrack interface.
The problem is that the controller (or the rotor??) seem to give an instable 
indication of the azimuth. For just the fraction of a second the value titls 
a little bit and then returns normal.
It happens when the rotor is in standby (rarely) and more often when it is 
It happens most often when I turn the az rotor and then turn the el rotor with 
the first one still going. The indicator vibrates a little and then return to 
normal course.
This is not a big problem for manual operations but its the hell of a big 
issue when using fodtrack. In facts, the automatic corrections done by the 
controller turn the system into a phisical oscillator that makes the az 
relays click like a machine-gun and the antenna array shake like if there is 
an earthquake.
Do I need to clean something? Do I need to change some relay? Do I need to 
disassembly my rotors? What is the routine maintenance that I have probably 


Alain De Carolis
iz6byy ww3ww
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