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SSETI Express update

Last week saw the major milestone of any satellite project - the (dreaded)
shake test!

The SSETI Express website has a good picture of the satellite on the shaker
table at www.sseti.net

The good news is that, although the test showed up a number of issues that
will need attention, as the http://sseti.gte.tuwien.ac.at/WSW4/webcam.htm
now says "still in one piece :)". In particular both the UHF and S band
transmitters are still working.

Everyone involved in the project has now started to breath again!

If you would like to read the full report and have a broadband internet
connection, the up-to-date integration logbook has already been posted at
It is a 23Mb file (not 12Mb as indicated) but includes a full "blow by blow"
record of the tests which were completed yesterday afternoon.

The next stage will be a thermovacuum test which is scheduled for early next
month after which the satellite should be declared fit to fly.

The launch date is still not yet confirmed but the end of July 2005 is the
current best estimate.


Graham G3VZV
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