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here is a thought.

Some thing else to focuse on, how about getting on track for donating money 
to the AMSAT-NA progect EAGLE as of April 12th 2005 "WE" have only raised 
$25,212 and as reported by Martha from the AMSAT-NA office when I asked her 
how much has been spent on EAGLE so far she replyed "Amount of $ spent on 
Eagle : From 2003 - Feb 2005, we have spent $22,240 on Eagle." so do the 
math there is not much left to keep the work going, you do want the work to 
keep going right?

Here is a idea for the project team, place target dates for the amount of 
money needed by, so we as members can have a realistice idea of where we 

Here is a interesting site to look at that I came across the other day while 
surffing the net:

Greg N0ZHE
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